As a personal project, I chose to photograph the average person found only on the streets throughout California named Main Street. What I learned was how different each main street was throughout the state; how the street, the people and the elements represent that city and what they are proud of, and how each individual person really is the same, with a few of their own quirks. Through the lens, I began to gravitate toward the less fortunate, the homeless and the offbeat. I have always said that people annoy me and fascinate me all at the same time...this project rang true. As I chose the people on Main Street I wanted to photograph I found that not everyone enjoys having a camera pointed at him or her. Some turn belligerent and aggressive, while others don’t mind a photo for a few bucks or a joint. Either way, this trip across California via Main Street America has shown me that each face has a story and that story is worth listening to.